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About Jose Goyos

Jose Goyos currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of GreenRock Property Partners, LLC; a real estate investment operation headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. In his role as CEO, Jose Goyos presides over all aspects of the growing firm. Facilitating the development and direction of a personalized real estate investment strategy, GreenRock Property Partners offer an array of services around both, the management of current investment projects, as well as the research and development of new potential sources of investment revenue. He founded the company in 2011.

Prior to assuming his role with GreenRock Property Partners, Jose Goyos functioned as Senior Vice President with Clear Choice Financial Services, LLC. He joined the Boca Raton, Florida-based operation in 2008. In his capacity with Clear Choice, he maintained an array of responsibilities that included overseeing all training and management of senior executives, mentoring entry-level associates, and supervising the acquisition and allocation of more than $25 million in credit for the company. At the same time, he implemented comprehensive growth metrics and cash flow models, created the compliance training program, managed all corporate licenses, and assisted toward launching an array of new product lines. During his tenure with the company, he succeeded in augmenting revenues by approximately 30%.

Currently attending Palm Beach State University, Jose Goyos is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics through the Lake Worth, Florida, school. He anticipates a graduation date of 2014. Prior to this, he attended Palm Beach State College, where he earned an Associate of Arts degree in Business and Managerial Economics.

Jose Goyos also maintains a rich personal life. Beyond his extensive professional responsibilities, he also engages an array of personal interests that include attending theatre and orchestral concert events. He also enjoys playing golf whenever time permits. Additionally, Jose Goyos supports an array of charitable initiatives that include Fern House, a West Palm Beach, Florida drug rehabilitation facility offering a safe haven for homeless men seeking to recuperate and successfully reenter society.

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